Biography of Georg Ohm
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   George Simon Ohm was a German physicist borin Erlagen, Bavaria, on March 16,1797. He came from a proetstant family. His fatther was Johann Wolfgang Ohm and his mother was Maria Elizabeth Beck. His father was a locksmith and his mother was the daughter of a tailor. George Ohm parents had not been educated in school, but Johann Ohm was said to be a remarkable man that educated himself to a high level and he was also able to educate his sons through what he learned. Georg Ohm did have a big family, but several of which was his brother and sisters had died when they were young, only three out of the seven children had survived; they were, Georg Simon, Martin who became a well known mathematician, and his sister Elizabeth Barbara. In 1805 Ohm entered the University of Erlangen, but left after three semesters because he got carried away on the college life and he went to Switzerland in Septmeber 1806 and became a mathematics teacher in a school Gottstadt bei Nydau.

   With the recently invented electrchemical cell which was invented by the Italian Count Alessandro Volta. Georg Ohm used equipment that he invented himself to determine that the "current flows through a wire is proportional to its cross section area and inversely proportional to its length or Ohm's law." Ohm's law says that the amount of steady current through a material is directly proportional to the voltage across the material, for some fixed temperature: I=V/R, Georg Ohm had also dicovered the distribution of electromotive force in an electric circuit and developed a permanent relationship connecting resistance, electromotive force and current strength. He was also to define the fundaamental relationships were said to be of great importantance that represent the beginning of electrical analysis.

   When Ohm had published his discoveries in 1827, his notions were dismissed by hos colleagues. After that he lost his position as a high school teacher and lived in poverty and shame until he took a position at Nuremberg in 1833 even though he wanted a better university post that he had worked hard for all his life. To me Ohm's invention was the electric circuit. This invention contributed a lot to electricity and modern society. If it wasn't for Ohm's discovery electricity would not have been set to conduced as wanted because no one would know how much resistance a part has. He also created a formula such as I=V/R,without his discovery electricity would not have been able to reach its maxium or almost full potential. This discovery also contributed to other inventors inventions such as Thoams Edison and Nikola Tesla. If it was not for Georg Ohm's discovery, Thomas Edison would not have been able to know the length of wire that he should use for one his inventions. Also Nikola Tesla is known for having so many patents, so without accurately knowing how much electridity would past through the wires Tesla wouldn't have any successful inventions. Thmoas Edison was also another guy who had many inventions, he also had Tesla working for him for a while. But Edison came up with patents that was more primitive than Tesla's. At that time Tesla wasn't ready to make a difference. So, without Ohm's Law Thomas Edison would also be in the same situation as Nikola Tesla.

   Therefore, Georg Ohm's Law has done a great service for the future inventors. For a man that was home schooled by his father, whom was a self taught person, he sure was really smart and did a lot for the world.